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create fun, educational and interactive experiences for children and caregivers as they play, discover and learn.

Explore the many exciting, interactive exhibits in this fabulous children’s museum, located in Downtown Cape Girardeau! Ideal for children ages 11 and younger, our current 7,500 sq feet of exhibit space is a perfect place to play and learn!  You can spend hours laughing, playing, and learning at Discovery Playhouse. Come by and see us!

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4 Years and Older

1963 Cessna 150

Kids of all ages can explore the inside of a REAL airplane! Fly to new heights and learn about what it takes to take off!

All Ages


Can you keep track of your ball? Air play teaches you all about the power of air! Levitate, launch and track your foam spheres around this exhibit! You’re sure to have a blast.

4 Years and Older

“Beautiful You Spa” by Eden

Welcome to Beautiful You Spa by Eden Spa and Salon in downtown Cape Girardeau! Want to learn how to braid a variety of hair types? What about sparking your interest in cosmetology? Whatever the case might be, the spa and salon is it for you!

Sponsored by Eden Spa and Salon

All Ages

Buzzi Unicem Cave

Explore the depths of a cave while learning about the creatures that inhabit the local caves of Missouri. Discover how we extract minerals from the ground to make every day items! Dig for crystals, learn how concrete is made and explore a whole other eco system in our cave!

6 Months to 8 Years

Skyview Animal Clinic

Come and treat a variety of animals at our in house vet office! This exhibit can help teach kids about the proper care needed for animals when they visit the vets office!

8 Years and Older

Discover Planetarium

Travel to the farthest reaches of the Universe aboard the USS Discovery! The planetarium can host up to 35 individuals and with several different shows, you’re bound to find a brand new love for space! “Sponsored by Drury Southwest”

All Ages

Dogtown Press Theater

Come sing, dance and act your heart out! With a variety of costumes and several scripts, you can be anything you want to be at Dogtown Press Theater!

8 Years and Older

Discover Dinosaurs Paleontology Lab

Learn about all about dinosaurs as you work on a REAL FOSSIL! The Triceratops skull named Sage, is on loan from Paleo X and allows individuals of all ages the opportunity to get their hands dirty doing real paleontology work! During your visit, you might get to say hi to several of the lab’s critters like Stevie the Ball Python, Fish the Tarantula, and Ken & Barbie the Hissing Cockroach. The lab is only open on the weekends, during holiday rush times, and special requests. Call ahead for availability!

6 Months to 8 Years

Fire House

Come play in our fun and interactive firehouse! Learn about how to properly evacuate a house and what you need to take! Resources for parents include fire planning and smoke detector battery replacement. Sit and “drive” a real fire truck!

6 Months to 8 Years

Grandma Ruth’s Farm

Just like going to grandma’s there is so much fun here! Cook, clean, BBQ, repair the house or tend to the garden! You could spend the whole day on the farm with everything that we have to do! Learn about farm animals, constructions, and so much more. If you have time, tend to the lemonade stand! “Sponsored by Realty executives”

6 Months to 8 Years

Frankie’s Grocery Store

Let’s go shopping! Grab your shopping cart and stock up your fridge at Grandma Ruth’s farm! Learn how to shop healthy or not so healthy! Want to work at the store? You can do that too! Fun for the whole family!
Sponsored by Carol & Larry Simon!

6 Months to 8 Years

Kim’s Secret Water Garden

Kids will have a splash in the secret garden! With several different water tables, kids can spend hours learning about how water flows and where it comes from! “Dedicated in memory of Kim McDowell”

8 Years and Older

Lego Wall

The sky’s the limit with our Lego Wall! Build anything that you can think of with your friends and family! Be sure to take a picture and tag us on social media so we can see your amazing art and designs!

6 Months to 8 Years

Montgomery Bank

Come be a banker for a day! Send money via the classic bank tube, take money out of the atm to purchase food at our store and learn how to add or subtract! “Sponsored by Montgomery Bank”

8 Years and Older

Pedal Power

Learn about the differences of incandescent vs LED with our Electrical Bikes! Connect circuits to learn all about power! “Sponsored by Ameren MO”

4 Years and Older

Phoebe’s Art Studio

Create, draw, craft or paint whatever you can imagine! This fully functional art studio uses every medium (except clay) for your little one to create! The sky is the limit in Phoebes. “Dedicated in Honor of Phoebe Brooks”

All Ages

Critter Zone

Come meet Manny, our veiled chameleon, Stevie, our Ball python, Churro, our bearded dragon, and more live animals at our PlayHouse Zoo! This exhibit is sponsored by Tropical Island Pets and Dexter Veterinary Clinic.

6 Months to 4 Years

Pollywog Pond

This area is specifically designed for 4 and under. Let your little one come bob around in our “pond”, where the items in this area are specific to help them develop and grow. This area hosts a sensory board as well as multiple games.

8 Years and Older

Game Zone

Come hang out with the family and friends in our updated Game Zone! Challenge your Dad to a game of chess, have some fun with Mom in tic-tac-toe, and take on your sister in UNO. It’s all about relaxing and enjoying some friendly competition together!

6 Months to 8 Years

Nursery/The GreenBear Junction

Want to be a doctor, nurse or receptionist? Work up a patient from intake to procedures in our hospital! Learn about the human body and why it is important to take care of it! This exhibit also features The Green Bear Project has been educating adults and children over the dangers, warning signs and prevention of child abuse. Come check out all the activities that Green Bear has left for you to complete! There even is a scavenger hunt around the museum for Green Bear.

6 Months to 8 Years

The Bakery

Welcome to The Bakery! Sponsored by local Cakes Reanimated and reimagined by former Southeast Missouri State University Students, this exhibit is sure to spark creative minds. Want to make something sweet? How about salty? With recipe books galore, your imagination can run wild!

*Sponsored by Cakes Reanimated*

All Ages

The Beam

The beam is an interactive game where kids and adults can use themselves to interact in the fun! Located on the first floor, you’re sure to spend a fair amount of time playing here!

6 Months to 8 Years

The Ocean Exhibit

More is in store for all to see, coming soon from Southeast Missouri State University Students! Education program students are tasked with reimagining this exhibit to provide educational fun for all. Right now, you can explore various information on recycling and play with kinetic sand!

8 Years and Older

Tinkering Workshop

Build, design, and create in Tinkering! Bring your friends and family to build and create amazing structures! Manipulate and control the trains on our new train table!

Parties and Groups

At the Discovery Playhouse, we love to have fun, and what better way to have a blast than at a party or with a group of friends? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or looking to have fun with your church or school group, the Discovery Playhosue is the place to be.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

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