1. You have chosen to reserve the Basic Party Package.
    • a. The party must be paid for in full before you are allowed upstairs. If you still owe any amount, it must be paid at the front desk upon your arrival.
    • b. This package includes a 2 hour rental of our party room. The room is fully accessible at your scheduled time only. Absolutely no early access to the room is allowed under any circumstances.
    • c. This package also includes 36 guests, including both children and adults. This number does not include the immediate family (parents and siblings of the birthday child that live in the household). If your party has any additional guests over the 36 person limit, there will be an additional charge of $5 per guest.
    • d. We require for your guest ratio to be 1 adult for every 5 children at all times, everywhere in the museum, including the party room.
    • e. Children must be supervised at all times in every exhibit and within the party room.
    • f. All guests attending the party will receive admission for all day play at the Museum.
  2. Use of our Party Room
    • a. Your scheduled time slot includes both party set-up and breakdown time.
    • b. Please arrive on time and clean up promptly as there may be a party scheduled right after yours.
    • c. You are responsible for any and all removal of party items that are brought in. A trash can is provided in the room for easy clean up.
    • d. If you do go over your reservation time or any members of your party stay in the facility past museum closing time, there will be a $50 assessment fee per every 15 minutes that you stay over.
    • e. Absolutely no confetti, pinatas or silly string are allowed in the party room. If you bring any in or the room is not cleaned, there will be a $100 cleaning fee charged.
    • f. Please remove or throw away any balloons brought in following your party.
    • g. Please do not use tape on the walls.
  3. Food and Drinks in the Party Room
    • a. Food and drinks are allowed but must stay in the party room at all times.
    • b. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in our facility.
    • c. Don’t forget to bring essential items such as a cake cutter, candles, matches, and tableware.
    • d. If you choose to hand out any goody bags to those who attended the party, please do so at the end of your party and only hand them out when guests are walking out the door. You can leave them at the front desk and our museum associates can hand them out for you.